What do we do?

VC's (Venture Capitalists) move the crypto market. Especially with new projects, as there is not a lot of liquidity yet. W3W is a VC and you can invest in the VC. We use our small buy and sell tax to raise a startcapital (on our Telegram, we will often update you about our holdings). We will invest this money into startups that creates a passive income.

Crypto launchpads

By investing in launchpads and joining crypto presales, IDO's, ICO's etc, you can make multiple 100x's weekly, especially in a bullmarket. Source: Cryptorank. However, for an individual investor it might be very hard or even impossible to get a high tier on a top launchpad as it's way too expensive, or you even live in a restricted counry. With What Do You Meme, we do this collectively.

How does it work?

We use a small buy and sell tax to raise money in our launchpad wallet. We use this money to invest in the best crypto launchpads like Seedify, Dao Maker, Enjinstarter and many more. This gives us very high allocations on the newest crypto presales. If a project does a 100x and we invested $5000, the returns are ofcourse way higher than if you invested just $100 as an individual person. As you can see on Cryptorank, new startups often 100x or more in a bullmarket. Therefore this project was born in the bearmarket, so we can get the best tiers for the lowest costs, and we will profit from this in the bullmarket. Now, if we make these profits. Where do they go?

The profits

Lets say we put $5000 in startup X. Startup X does a 200x. We have $1.000.000. What do we do with this money? There are multiple options:
  • Claim your share by staking the $W3W token
  • We buy back the $W3W token and burn it.
  • The money goes back in the W3W wallet for future investments
  • 7% fee goes to the W3W company
On our Dapp, stakers of the $W3W token can vote on proposals. So we will launch polls where the community can decide what we are going to do with the money. The buyback & stake and fee are fixed rates.