Creating more income! This is most important to start with. We have a snowball and now we will make sure that it's going to roll. We will use our profits to tier up on these launchpads and expand to other launchpads. Lets say that Seedify tier 8 gives us an allocation of $2000. If we tier up to tier 9, so we have an allocation of $5000, it will make a huge difference once we start participating in 100X + launches. A few launchpads that we are currently looking at are:

  • Seedify

  • Enjinstarter

  • Poolz Finance

  • Decubate

  • Dao Maker

  • Gamefi

  • Chain GPT

The goal is to make sure we have a huge allocation on top launchpads so that we can invest in new presales with the lowest risk possible. This is because these launchpads have a refund policy. When more capital comes in, we can look at private and seed sales.

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